10 tips to help you improve your WFH anywhere

The global spread of COVID-19, people are encouraged to stay at home, that working from home has become an emerging trend. There are tons of distractions, less accountability, and less communication than when you’re working in the office. If you don't have the strategy in advance, working from home can be a challenge, now Alxum share 10 tips to help you improve your WFH anywhere.

Let's see what's the fun when Chinese People WFH first, You never know how your colleagues looks like working from home. They maybe well-dressed on upper body but in sleeping pants to have a video conference with you. Some of them maybe fight against their cats dogs and the children baby when they need to answer your teleconferencing question.

10 tips to help you improve your WFH anywhere
Working from the home office affords many benefits to increase performance, business continuity, and achieve greater work-life balance. You and your family will be happier if you get the best ways to work from home.

1. Make a work schedule and daily goals
The biggest danger of working from home is that you are too relaxed and think of WFH as another way of vacation. Once the thoughts are relaxed, the more time you need to spent. It is difficult to ensure the quality of the work, therefore, when working from home, you can make a time schedule yourself as normally work every day. Of course, the time schedule can be easier than normal work. With a schedule of work and rest written on paper, at least you are easier to get the working state. you'll find it's clear and easy if you complete the daily goals when follow the list.

2. Create an office environment
Another way to avoid undisturbed work is to maintain work boundaries. If you have a sofa or bed next to you, you can easily lie down when you are tired. If you take out your phone and swipe WeChat Facebook or Twitter at this time, tons of minutes will pass by accidentally. You can put the workplace in a separate room, at least not in a room with a bed or sofa. The same true is for eating, try not to put food in the work room, and drink water and go to other rooms. In short, the work room is arranged so that once you step in, the whole person can consciously turn to work. Keeping your desk clean and tidy also helps to avoid interference during work. If you put too much on the table, it will attract your attention from time to time. A neat and tidy desktop can help you focus on the task.
10 tips to help you improve your WFH anywhere
3. Formal address and work according to commute time
The sense of ritual will increase the sense of working and the effect. You should recognize that excessive casual wear makes you feel that just hanging out at home, not working from home. After formal address and putting on your work shoes, you'll feel working from head to soles.

4. Three minus on meeting: reduce the number of meetings, reduce meeting time, reduce unnecessary participants
At this stage, maybe you really want to do more things and regain the sense of control over work life than the past. Too many meetings and too long time and staff make everyone overwhelmed. Managers can rest a lot, not so many meetings, Improve efficiency.

5. Maintain information sharing in multiple ways
The number of meetings is reduced, and communication needs to be maintained. Information can be shared through briefings and WeChat or whatsapp groups. Can share the work list and workflow management software. Working from home will bring you more burden to manage projects and deadlines, all colleague could share schedual when work remotely, this is the best way for every people to know process of project. Recommend one of the best platforms to organize workload and coordinate with colleagues who can also work remotely or in the office is Google. Between Google Calendar with customizable reminders and Google Drive that allows you to access files from anywhere, Google software is a powerful multiplier when you are your own human resources team, and it ’s free. Oh, one more thing, direct call if you have important things, do not leave messages, the communication chain is artificially lengthened, or it may be can not be seen. 

6. Don't do housework when WFH
If you allow yourself to do housework during working hours, you will start wasting time sson. In fact, it takes only 1 minute to change a light bulb, and 8 minutes to clean the floor at home, but If you do it immediately after you find it, you will find that housework can never be done, and will only spend all your time.

7. Avoid Pets
It's a little trouble if you have multiple pets, all of them want your attention. Keep them out of your working room.

8. Accompany your children at a fixed time
This can be difficult, especially if you have young children or baby at home, you need to take care of them time to time. If you stay with them in a fixed time, play everything they want and study with them, make them tired is a good thing this time. Never play with them during your working hours, it's easy way to improve work efficient.

9. Keep your rhythm and relax
If a normal person works for a long time, it is difficult to maintain concentration. The Harvard Business Review once mentioned in an article published in 2017: A social media company after studying the most efficient employees in the company found that they usually concentrate on 50 minutes of work and then rest for 10 minutes. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a proper rest rhythm during long hours of work. In particular, the environment in which the home office is located is more flexible than that in the office, and appropriate arrangements for some rest time can have a multiplier effect. If I work from home, I usually choose to do several sets of push-ups in the intermittent minutes, or organize bookshelves and other items. It is so simple to put it a few times, the body and brain are easy to relax. The good mood brought by this kind of harvest can also have a positive impact on your next work. 

10. Breathing fresh air, do exercise
In fact, even at home, you can find many effective ways to exercise. Most of the exercises could easy make in the room, and fullbody muscle exercises are done on the floor and chair. In order to make your workday less stressful and even make your work enjoyable, walk outside and breath in new fresh, run in a steet without people or few people, try to avoid crowded people is a great way. 

Hope this sharing will be useful to friends who are working at home, no matter for this special Coronnavirus period or anytime anywhere. In 2020, working from home is no longer such a novel concept, there is a little truth to the natural skepticism some employers have about their teams to work remotely. Start putting these work from home tips into practice now to streamline your routine and increase your productivity, make your WFH easier and happier. 

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