Back to School Sale: 20% OFF Everything Over $50

It's a sure signal that summer is coming to an end when you start seeing all the Back to School sales, so do Alxum, you could get 20% OFF Everything Over $50. (Back To School--Code: BTSS25)

Here is a popular product list for Alxum back to school sales:

Many of kids are looking forward to returning to school to see their friends and take part in school activities. And in a non-scientific straw poll 9 out of 10 parents were also looking forward to their children returning to school. So what do you prepare gifts for kids back to school? And what about the University friends, how did you prepare? Do you need something special that could store your memory? Something like card reader, hard drive adapter or docking station? Something best to your macbook? And how about the parents, are you busy again when sent kids back to school? Do you need to prepare family gifts or something make your life and work easier? And the school or agent, do you need anythin make office look great and warm? Somthing like charging station, usb c hub? 

Here is a school supplies buying guidance:

Alxum wish you happy with kids and family, good luck for every friends back to school.

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