Because of you, my super hero!

I'd known your whole life, my super hero, father
From a super fan of super hero father

Because you are my guide, my friend, my dad

Because you our house is always full of love and laughter

Because you still buy flowers for mom

Because you protect sister as a prince

Because you make me a strong independent brave boy

Because you take care of grandparents as kids

Because you treat people like you are big brother

Because you made me the best writer in the class

Because you and I play barefoot in the fields

Because you'd made me the coolest boy when you played basketball with me

Because you are powerful and nothing you don't understand

Because you remember all our Birthday

Because you sit at the table and work in countless days and nights

Because you always busy for cash

Because you allowed me to make my own mistakes

Because you have more gray hair than your actually age

Because you made us strong and nothing scared us

Because you are always by my side when I need

Because I didn't say thank you as often as I should

Because you are my idol, my super hero

Because it's Father's Day, because I love you, my super hero, my dear father

Happy Father's day, Wish you are young forever

To a boy, father is the first idol
To a girl, father is the first hero
To a father, expressing love is more important than buying gift
For special Father's Day, go back home and accompany him even just for a dinner

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