FAQ of Your Charging Station

Charging is quite important for daily life and work, check the below FAQ for your charging station on Alxum.

1. Why the charger become charging slowly while it is quick at the beginning?
Answer: The more battery of mobile phone is charged, the more it will control the charging current and the trickle charging is done at the end, so this is normal.

2. Is it dangerous to charge when you feel the devices are hot?
Answer: When the devices are charging fast, it will generate heat. There is a temperature monitoring function in mobile phone, it will reduce the charging current and protect the battery when it reaches a certain temperature. It means the charger controls the current output according to the current of phone, so they are safe when under normal circumstances, for your reference, the maximum temperature of the products is generally around 45-65 degrees.

3. Why can't be charged by phone unless change a charging cable?
Answer: There are some 2-core charging cables on the market, and there is no data identification function. Users are advised not to use this type of cable for charging, Because it's dangerous when it can't recognized properly of charging. It is recommended that consumers use the standard USB charger. You could test on computer before charging, just use this cable to connect the computer and phone, if the computer can properly identify the phone, that it is the standard USB data cable. The standard 5-core USB cable for safe charging is highly recommended.

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