Green Apple, Green Earth-iPhone 11

iPhone 11 start to sale today! Everyone focus on APPLE 11 New look, especially the green one, maybe some of you pay attention to the new function. But what we care more is about the Environmental Protection, that is why we call ihone 11 "Green Apple, Green Earth". Comes and pick a Best iPhone Charging Station

Just as many people only see that there are only two cameras behind the iPhone 11, but they don't know the breakthroughs they represent when they are working in the framing. What's more, behind the A13 bionic chips and machine learning, the major changes in photography, in the iPhone 11 There is also a small part worthy of our attention - the Taptic Engine.
Green Apple, Gree Earth-iPhone 11

This small motor gives the iPhone a richer and more delicate feedback mechanism than other phones. In layman's terms, there is more possibility of vibration. In the new iPhone 11 series, this important component is the first to achieve all rare earth materials that are recycled rare earths. In fact, most smart phones need to use rare earth elements, which are mainly found in the magnets, cameras and other components of the audio system.
Green Apple, Gree Earth-iPhone 11

Although there are not many rare earth elements used in mobile phones, they are all difficult. Apple said that the iPhone 11 series is the first product in the smartphone to use recycled rare earth. You may remmember Apple Recycling Materials Laboratory in April this year - the dismantling robot Daisy can screw off every screw on the old iPhone, so many parts in the phone are reduced during the recycling process. The damage was finally transported intact to the recycling line terminal. Among them, the Taptic Engine is included.

Green Apple, Gree Earth-iPhone 11
Will you Guess whether the recycling of rare earths is recovered from the parts themselves? The recycled rare earth used this time is not from Apple products, but from a Chinese company that can find a solution. Very proud to know abou this, Chinese company have name on "Green Tech", again, with the Apple Products.

Apple will set up a quality inspection system for recycled materials to ensure that the quality, durability and safety of the materials are up to standard. More importantly, Apple has scaled this material so that iPhone 11 users around the world can benefit from this technological innovation.

This is an important step for Apple moves to "all product materials are no longer come from the Earth."

In addition, there are many other parts in the iPhone 11 that use recycled materials: the motherboard solder uses 100% recycled tin; of all the parts, 35% of the plastic is recycled plastic; all new products are packaged Renewable wood fiber materials are also used.

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It's worth pointing out that now Apple has really succeeded in extracting cobalt from recycled old iPhone batteries and then combining other materials on the recycling line to make new batteries for Apple products.

In addition to working on materials recycling and manufacturing, Apple has done a lot of work on clean energy to reduce the company's overall carbon emissions. In 2018, Apple officially achieved 100% renewable electricity supply to its global facilities.
Green Apple, Gree Earth-iPhone 11
For consumers, the best choice we can make is to choose durable electronic devices and extend them as much as possible. If you have to buy a new iPhone Pro Max, you can consider participating in Apple's "trade-in", reducing the cost of buying a new iPhone and ensuring that resources in your phone are properly recycled. Or find the new owner for the old device, as Joswiak said: The highest level of recycling is reused.

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