How To Celebrate Easter At Home?

This year's Easter Sunday may be different than ever. Many churches now offer their services online through live broadcasts or recorded podcasts. If your own place of worship does not have streaming media capabilities, please "visit" another church instead. Have you ever wanted to spend Easter Sunday at the Washington National Cathedral? This is your chance.

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Although your own church choir is certainly not a substitute, a carefully curated Spotify Easter tune playlist can help you and your family make a happy voice. For those who need an uplifting performance, it's hard not to laugh and applaud when watching the Mississippi Mass Choir.

Pull out the porcelain, iron the tablecloth, and polish the silver. Even if your restaurant is not as crowded as you are used to, you can still set the day's celebration atmosphere by rotating the table. Cut the pruning branches from the yard and make a fresh, colorful arrangement.

Thanks to apps such as FaceTime and Google Hangouts, Zoom and Houseparty, it has never been easier to get close to your loved ones even if you are far away. Organize a virtual Easter lunch with all cousins, or listen to the same church service together. But when you are excited about all the virtual possibilities, don't forget those who are not technically skilled: pick up the phone and wish those loved ones a happy Easter too.

Also You could consider donating to an organization that is meaningful to you, a little generosity helps a lot.

In the days before Easter, entertain your little ones by dyeing eggs. Go old-school, dye them with Kur's additives; get artsy and speckle them with rice; or sneak in a fun, fizzy science lesson with baking soda.

Your kids are likely to be disappointed that there is no church/school/community Easter gathering this year, so take children to the backyard for their own mini Easter egg hunt. You can also use a golden egg to bet: the person who discover it that night can choose family movie.

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