How to Enjoy Multi-Display on MacOS?

We believe we're not the only one who have such a complaint: In 2020 why does MacOS still not fully implement MST? How to enjoy Multi-Display on MacOS? Alxum 12-in-1 USB C hub could help you a little bit.

For designers and IT guys, the workflow might involve up to 3 displays. But come on macOS, we don't need 3 mirrored displays!  To achieve multi-display on Mac, how many users choose Boot Camp, bought a Mac but using WinOS?

Wait! Things can be easier. With Alxum 12-in-1 USB hub, finally can we get 3 different displays on macOS! 40% OFF now, you could get a 12-in-1 multi display usb c hub only $68.99!

How to Enjoy Multi-Discplay on MacOS?

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Maybe you also have a beautiful MacBook Pro, who could fault that gorgeous Retina display, 15.4 diagonal inches of pure PPI bliss? Not me. In fact, that was a key selling point. As were the sweet, sweet Thunderbolt 2 ports, with which you could daisy chain an insane number of peripherals!

An impressive feat of design, to be sure. And daisy chaining hard drives and mice and other peripherals through your TB2 monitor did work! But, there were problem, which users noticed very quickly, because Apple was being less than forthright about the capabilities of its new Retina machines, and folks were pissed:

1. Apple macOS does not support DisplayPort daisy-chaining, also known as multi-stream, or MST, on any of their computers, from MacBooks to MacBook Pros to iMac Pros to Mac Pros, even if they sport Thunderbolt 3.
2. Apple continues to advertise DisplayPort 1.2+ support across their product lines, even though they have not implemented MST daisy-chaining, a key feature of the DisplayPort 1.2 spec.
3. There is no way to "make it work" on Apple hardware except to run Windows via Boot Camp. If you want to use macOS with a dock that uses MST for multiple DP outputs, or if you want to daisy-chain another monitor from your first, you're SOL. And Apple doesn't care.

In 2020 why does MacOS still not fully implement MST? No answer. Actually, our 12-in-1 Dual Monitor USB C Hub can not solve all these problems of MacOS, but it's a good sulution for displaying 3 different screens, that you could Enjoy Multi-Discplay on MacOS with Alxum new usb c hub.
How to Enjoy Multi-Discplay on MacOS?
Netherless to say more about Alxum Dual Monitor USB C Hub, you deserve to try a usb hub with more than 10 functions. A picture to show what can do:
How to Enjoy Multi-Discplay on MacOS?

How to Enjoy Multi-Discplay on MacOS?Try Alxum 12-in-1 Dual Monitor USB C Hub! Not only for your mac, macbook partner, but also good gift for teachers, college students, good gadget for office and home, make daily life easier. Only$68.99 (Save $45.99) , buy now!

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