How to use USB 3.0 Extension Cable Connecting with your Oculus Quest?

Do you play games? Do you know how to Keep Up With Game Fashion Trends? Do you know VR? Do you know what's Oculus Quest/Oculus Rift S? Do you know How to use USB 3.0 Extension Cable Connecting with your Oculus Quest?

Oculus Quest & USB 3.0 Extension Cable

Believe it or not, VR games have become the chase of young people today, and even many people have a vision, hoping that social VR is as common as social networks so that people can connect with friends and family no matter where they are. And more and more people are making documentary VR experiences, as well as other artistic content. In addition, there are a range of VR applications that go far beyond the capabilities of using a VR headset at home, including training, education, logistics, healthcare, and more. With so many uses for VR, analysts have high hopes for the future of the industry. VR equipment has always been expensive, even the sales of VR headsets are rising, but VR will not be a necessity for every family, while we still introduce our extension cable for VR gamers.

We don't produce VR equipment, but Oculus Rift Accessories, like USB 3.0 extension cable. A stable oculus quest extension cable is always needed for VR fans, because the VR games get more and more popular, our Oculus rift S quest extension cable came into being for improve your game experience, endless joy, you know it. If your VR equipment is with USB-A port, you could use our extension cable directly. As you known, the Oculus Quest is with Type-C Port, All our recommended extension cable is USB 3.0 with USB-A Port, so you need to buy an extra type-c cable which with power supply from other store. Here we recommend our oculus quest extension cable by popularity which most people buy.

Oculus Quest & USB 3.0 Extension Cable

1. USB 3.0 Extension Cable for Oculus Rift 10M/32FT (Aluminum)
2. USB 3.0 Extension Cable for Oculus Rift VR Sensor, Xbox (5M/16FT)(Aluminum)
10M is more recommended because it comes with power supply. 5M is basically meet the needs of most players, if your room and space is bigger that you may need longer extension cable. 10M is the longest cable you could find on the current market, please try and enjoy.

This is the connection story we would like to share:
Oculus Link Beta is officially launched. This feature allows the Quest VR all-in-one to be connected to a PC via a USB 3 Type C cable, which is compatible with PC VR content. It is reported that Oculus officially recommends a cable length of about 3-5 meters, so what if you want to extend the cable length and achieve more free movement? 10M extension cable is a good thing to Oculus Rift Extension Cable, try to get more fun!

Our friend: Tyco Tech, share his video with WEme USB 3.0 extension cable:
Oculus Quest Link is out! Here's some Oculus Quest Link cables, how to set up and a peek inside. If you don't understand how to connect your Oculus Link/Quest with our Cable, you will get idea from it.

YouTube Testing Video: 

What's the use for so long cable? For home users, the longer the cable used in PC VR mode, it means that you can move in a larger space, and even the room where the computer is placed can be moved to other rooms. Even in PC VR mode, the VR all-in-one can be kept a little Advantages of free walking. For offline VR scenarios, long cables also help improve the VR experience in large spaces, of course, provided that the delay is small enough and the connection is stable enough.

Some Oculus Players bought our USB 3.0 Extension Cable and it works well, if you have any question you could join in Facebook Group to discuss: Oculus Quest Community.

If you don't know which equipment you should buy Alxum would like to share this artical with you:

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