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In recent years, 5G has become a hot topic in the technology circle. Many manufacturers have confirmed that they will release 5G mobile phones this year, you must know that Qualcomm and Huawei are the most advanced in 5G technology, you must want to know the most durable Phone Charger as well.

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A few days ago, Huawei also held a press conference, releasing the world's most advanced base station chip "Scorpio chip", and the 5G terminal baseband "Balong 5000". There are indications that 5G is really coming to our lives.

For the time being, the 5G network has not been officially shipped, and the 5G mobile phone has not yet been officially released. However, major mobile phone manufacturers are already accelerating the layout of 5G. At this year's "5G Innovation Application Summit Forum". The vivo at the forum, at the live NEX 5G booth, showed the vivo NEX 5G prototype.

In fact, OPPO announced in March this year that its first 5G smartphone passed the 5G CE test of the international testing service agency "Sporton International Inc." and obtained the 5G CE certificate issued by CTC advanced GmbH.

China Unicom announced 6* 5G mobile phones in near days. Respectively, Xiaomi MIX3 5G version, Huawei Mate20 X 5G version, OPPO Reno 5G version, ZTE Tianxing AXON 10 Pro 5G version, vivo NEX 5G version, Nubian mini 5G, now may have to gether with one plus 7 Pro 5G, these mobile phones will become the first mobile phones after the 5G opening, but the price is equally touching. Except for Huawei 5G CPE Pro, the price is less than 10,000 yuan, and all 6 mobile phones exceed 10,000 yuan.

China Mobile (CMCC) will accelerate the deployment of 5G networks, build the world's largest 5G boutique network, and vigorously promote the “5G+” plan. In the end of September this year, it will provide 5G services in more than 40 cities. Customers can “do not change cards” or “do not change numbers”. The 5G service will be opened, and the service scope will continue to be expanded in the future, so that customers can use 5G services conveniently and quickly, and enjoy the benefits brought by 5G new technologies.

Alxum share a 5G phone news with you:
China Mobile purchases 8100pcs 5G mobile phones: Huawei occupies half of the mobile market!

Today, China Mobile collects 5G terminals (beta).

The collection needs to purchase 13,100pcs of 5G terminals, including 8100pcs 5G mobile phones and 5000pcs 5G CPE terminals, as follows:
Huawei Mate20X 5G test version project: 4000pcs;
Vivo NEX (5G test version) procurement project: 100pcs;
OPPO Reno 5G test version procurement project: 1000pcs;
Huawei Mate20X 5G test version procurement project: 1000pcs;
Xiaomi MIX3 5G test version procurement project: 2000pcs;
Huawei CPE Pro (5G test version) procurement project: 5000pcs.

Recently, China Mobile (CMCC) also carried out a second 5G terminal with a collection scale of 2,700 units, of which 2,200 are 5G mobile phones, and 6 suppliers are planned. 5 5G data terminals are planned to be selected.

Are you worried about that you need to replace 5G phones? Even if 5G technology has become popular, 4G networks will not be eliminated in a period of time. In the previous 4G networks, 3G networks used a lot of people, so even if 5G appeared, it would coexist together with 4G. Whether you want to change the 5G mobile phone depends on the situation. If the 4G mobile phone you are using is still very new and good enough, then your mobile phone does not need to be changed. After all, the 5G mobile phone that will be listed soon is still in the early stage of technology. Any problems may occur. Even if there may be no problems in the future, but now there is no 5G signal, you still can't use 5G network. It may need a time to test 5G networks.

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