Need Portable Charger? Choose Alxum!

Is that mobile phone and pad products becoming your best friends in your daily life? And from enjoying these communication products, most of people can not leave phone and pad alone, therefore, we need to take portable charger when we travel and go out for fun.

When consumers speak about travel chargers, they usually are referring to portable chargers that can charge their mobile phones, but travel usb charger also can charge other electronic devices such as a digital camera or a personal digital assistant (PDA). We know that USB portable charger is a device that can be used with other electronic devices that are charged through the universal serial bus (USB) port. If you want to work or travel, you must need a tech gadget that allows to connect many portable devices, such as mobile phones, pad and media players, to be charged through a USB connection that is powered by an external outlet. When choosing a travel charger, we always consider compatibility, functionality and any special features desired.

In order to meet more and more customers' need with more digital products charging by standard USB charging interface, Alxum offer you the best solution for multifunctional USB Hub with a 100W PD Charging: Fast 100W PD Charging 8-in-1 USB C Hub, it totally expands your usb ports when you need to connect your keyboard, mouse, card reader, macbook at the same time. You could easy work outside when you on the way to business travel. A 100W PD Fast Charging Port is the best choice for you phone charging too, could also charge your pad, charges any other usb devices. Is itsn't a best usb hub with charging port, buy it and you will equivalent to get a portable charger! The 8-in-1 Multi Port USB Hub achieves the best effect with 1xHDMI, 1xVGA, 1xRJ45 Ethernet, 1xType-C 100 W Power Delivery 3.0 charging port, 2xUSB 3.0 Type A ports, 1xMicro SD card slot and 1x3.5mm Audio Jack.

Therefore, you could choose the most suitable multi usb charger by the function you need, hope Alxum Multi Port USB C Hub could be your great company in your everyday life. It's not only a portable charger, but portable hub, easily expands your macbook and other USB C devices.

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