The Best Oculus Rift Extension Cable in 2021!

Market reported that the rich game resources make Oculus Rift and other VRs that can only watch movies because of cable limitation. The video is too large for wireless transmission, VR game activity space is also limited, common VR stores offer standard connection of the VR end of the 5 meter cable and 1 meter cable of PC connection, so that many players need more space, but also worry about the problem of the cable, some players do not want to take the computer from the bedroom or move out. So we need a best oculus rift extension cable "between the PC side and the VR side.

Want to know how to extend your Oculus Rift S cables less than $30? Alxum recommend the Best Oculus Rift Extension Cables in 2021 for you. Now with 21% off, just $29.95 for a  Alxum 10M Active USB Extension Cable with Two Signal Boosters
  • Oculus Sensor Extension Cable:Comes with 5V/2A power adapter. Provide a stable power supply and full back-voltage protection for signal transmission.
  • Gold-Plated USB Connectors, also has Dual Signal Booster Chipset, so the signal transmission is more stable. 
  • High-performance premium signal booster chipset and high-quality USB cable. Sharing fun on Oculus VR, Xbox 360 Kinect, PlayStation and more .
  • Durability & Ultra Extension: Sturdy Aluminum alloy design, 10M extension cable easily reaches your USB devices like printers, scanners, camera, Wifi antenna. Activity indicator marks the status of Power status.
  • Superspeed USB 3.0 extender, data transfer speed up to 5Gbps, backward compatible with USB 2.0/1.1.

oculus rift extension cable

As we known, putting together room-scale VR setup for your Oculus Rift may prove to be tricky. This is mostly due to the number and complexity of cables which you'll have to extend, in order to provide room-scale tracking and freedom of movement. The critical issues are ensuring your HDMI cable can handle the video signal output, and that the oculus rift extension cable are capable of transferring the camera/sensor tracking, that is extension cable with usb.

For most standard setups, you can get away with 6ft USB cables, but for wall mounting you are going to need some 15ft extensions. For maintaining the recommended setup which includes two USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0, you are going to have to buy oculus sensor extension cable for each of them.

Higher bandwidths usually don't go well with Ethernet cables, so we recommend using only HDMI and USB cables. This proves to be fairly complicated, since the Rift is very specific about both PC ports and the extension cables you may use. On /r/oculus you can find a good guide on the extension cables which have been tested, and proved to work.

Therefore, Alxum Oculus Extension Cable has 5V2A power adapter, it provides a more stable power supply and full back-voltage protection for signal transmission. And it has Gold-Plated USB Connectors, pretty good. It also has Dual Signal Booster Chipset, so the signal transmission is more stable. 32FT is meet your need of big house playing VR, it will take more fun to you definitely. If your room is not too big, 5M is fine with Oculus work, please choose same design WEme 5M USB 3.0 Oculus Rift Sensor Cable. (but 5M do not with power supply)

Oculus rift extension cable for your reference :
Alxum Oculus Rift Extension Cable 10M/32FT with Two Signal Boosters
WEme USB 3.0 Extension Cable for Oculus Rift VR Sensor, Xbox (5M/16FT)

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