What do you want to know about Alxum Charging Station?

You may have many phone chargers at home or office, if gather all the chargers of you and your family, you may have a Charger exhibition, that's why Alxum Charging Station appears. So what do you want to know about Alxum Phone Charging Station?

What's special for Alxum Multi Device Charging Station?
A special design which could keep your devices organized and charged, all Alxum USB Charger equiped with dividers, you could adjust any width of dividers according to your devices. For charging, one Alxum multi devices charging station is enough. 

Where should I use?
Widely used for Home, Office, School, Hospital, Restaurant, Café, Pub Bar etc. Anywhere you need to share charging port with others. End the pain to find usb charger in another room or corners.
Alxum Charging StationAlxum Charging Station
How could Alxum make me feel safe?
UL certification and Alxum's Multi-Protect safety system ensure complete protection for you and your devices.
Sophisticated circuit design with over-heating, over-current and over-charging protection. Smart usb charger has protections against over-voltage, over-loading and short circuit. It can automatically recognize your devices and distribute the suitable power to each device. Charging will be automatically stop when battery is full.
Alxum Charging Station
Does it comes with charging cable?
Please kindly note that all Alxum phone Charging Station is not with any charging cable. Because different users are using various kinds for their devices, so we didn't include the charging cable with the charging station. To ensure fast&safe charging, we recommend using phone original cables, branded USB cable or MFI Certified short cables.

What kind of cable I need to use?
Same as last answer, you should be sure your cable is safe and have identification function, it's dangerous when it can't recognized properly of charging.

What kind of devices I could use?
It's compatible with all USB-charged devices like iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Samsung tab, smarphones, bluetooth speakers, headset, music players, Power Bank, wireless earphone, camera, PSP, GPS etc. Any devices with usb port.
Alxum Charging Station
Before & After, easily to find out a neat and clear desk
Alxum Charging Station
How many pcs devices I could use with Alxum 10-Port USB Charging Station?
There is a recommendation on each product page to show example, just check the watts of your devices needed. For example, 120W Charging Station could charge 8iPad or 10Phone simultaneously, the sum of all devices watts should not bigger than the the product.
(10* smart phone: 10 port x 1A output x 5V= 50W
8 * iPad: 8 port x 2.4A output x 5V=96W
2* iPad Air and 8 * smart phone: 2 x 2.4A x 5V + 8x 1A x 5V=64W)

Example of 60W iPhone iPad Charging Station: 
Alxum Charging Station
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All the Alxum Charging Station are listing as follow, which could help you easier to distinguish their power watts, charging port and dividers:

10 Ports USB Charging Station 96W with 2 QC 3.0 (2*QC3.0+8*2.4A, 5Tall+6Short)

10 Ports USB Charging Station 96W ( 10*2.4A+11Dividers)

10 Ports USB Charging Station With Type-C Port 120W (1*Type C+2*QC 3.0+7*2.4A, 5Tall+6Short Dividers)

10 Ports USB Charging Station 108W (10*2.4A, 5Tall+6Short Dividers)

10 Ports iPad iPhone Charging Station 60W (10*2.4A,10Tall+5Short Dividers)

10 Ports Multi Device Charging Station 60W (10*2.4A, 5Tall+6Short Dividers)

10 Ports USB C Charging Station with iWatch Charger Stand(1*45W PD+ 1*USB C +1*QC3.0+7*2.4A+iWatch Stand, 6Short+7Tall Dividers)

10 Ports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Charging Station 60W (QC3.0+9*2.4A, 5Pcs Tall+6Pcs Short dividers)

8 Ports Transformable Wall Mount Charging Station 96W (1*USB C+1*QC 3.0+5*2.4A, 5Short+4Tall Dividers)

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