What is the best USB C extension cable?

Why do we need a USB C extension cable?
Most devices usually don't have such long cables, which allows us to connect and with our system and enjoy it sitting at a fair distance. While office meetings or working as a team, we need to extend our devices to share and show things with staff members. Without extending meetings and teamwork would be a mess.

How it's done?
USB C extension cable is a device that is designed for this purpose. The first thing to remember before going for it is that these days most devices require a USB 3.0 connection for an extension. So if you tried to extend any of your devices through an extension cable but not succeeded, that might be the reason behind that. Even if you bought a USB-C type extension cable, you still need an anchor cable that supports USB 3.0 speed. Now let's move on to connection steps.
  • Connect the male end of your USB C extension cable into the USB port of your PC or Laptop.
  • Now connect the remaining end of the USB C extension cable with the anchor cable and the anchor cable's free end with your device which you want to extend.
  • A notification of link mode will pop up on your system; accept that. Your device is ready to use with an extension.
  • The quality of the signal depends on the wellness of the USB C extension cable and anchor cable. Most of the time, it worked fine.
best USB C extension cable

Which is the best USB C extension cable in the market and why?
The best USB C extension cable is an active USB C Extension cable for Oculus VR 10M/32FT designed by Alxum, branded WEme. It's best because it answers all the parameters such as range, signal strength, speed, and quality. It's not only for an oculus quest device but can be used for many other cameras, scanners, printers, PS4, HTC Vive, Xbox 360, keyboard, and mouse. The length and signal-stability are the primary factor of your purchase,10M is enough for long distance expansion.
best USB C extension cable

How it maintains uniformity in signal rocketing speed even with long cable?
It maintains that streamline signal strength because it got two built-in signal amplification chips with a high power adapter of 5V/2A, which accounts for better transmission performance. It supports USB 3.0 and marks a data transfer speed up to 5Gbps without any interruption. Backward is also compatible with USB 1.1 and 2.0.
best USB C extension cable

How it controls signal losses?
This WEme USB 3.0 extension cable is built with 99.9% pure copper wires, aluminum foil to nullify any signal distortion because aluminum is non-magnetic. So it doesn't let anything in the surrounding interfere with signal strength.

Compatible devices and operating systems:
WEme USB C active extension cable is suitable for paring with Windows from XP to Windows 10 for 32 and 64bit, Linux operating system, Chromebook, and USB C devices.

Precautions while using:
  • This device is designed for data transferring, not for charging purposes. So please don't use it for charging gadgets like smartphones or iPad.
  • When you're using Virtual reality devices, it's better not to plugin any other cables. It will cause signal loss.
  • Backward it can support USB 1.1 and 2.0, but to achieve maximum potential and speed, it's better to use a USB 3.0 cable on both ends.
  • While using extending devices like oculus, which need 900mA, it's safe to connect the power supply.

Choose WEme best USB C extension cable, expand easily and enjoy your life.

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