What kind of extension cable recommend for your Oculus Quest 2?

Let me see who is waiting anxiously for the newest Oculus Quest 2....I guess you must find everywhere for an earlier way to get this NEW, while the official release date is October 13th. But you're sure to prepare some good accessories with your New Quest 2, such as oculus quest extension cable.

Are you nervous to consider to buy oculus quest 2 on Amazon or oculus.com or bestbuy or elsewhere, somewhere means that you could get before 13th, but be careful, just remind that official is offcial, it won't be too late. We could introduce a FB group for you: Oculus Quest Community ☑️ they always have wonderful discussion, not only for us, anything for oculus quest, you may find the answer if you ask in good way there.

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You've learned that Oculus Quest 2 is their most advanced all-in-one VR system yet. No PC or console needed. Explore an expansive library of awe-inspiring games and immersive experiences with unparalleled freedom. Quest 2 brings more VR to you, and more of you into VR with next-level speed and display. Rich, immersive gaming. Integrated audio. High-performance gaming.

For Oculus Quest Accessories, we only have the extension cable. If you're in a big room that you need extension cable for better experince for oculus quest 2. If you want to choose an oculus quest usb cable, you must want the active one for data transmission. Some of extension cable on market are designed for distance and cost, not speed. Some of extension cable for oculus quest with problem is USB 3.0 extension cables can be hit or miss. Some will work properly and carry the 3.0 signal, allowing Oculus Link to work. However others will fall back to 2.0 or periodically drop out.

So you must want to know what kind of extension cable should choose?
Recommend the Type C because oculus quest is with type c port. USB Type-C ports on motherboards tend to be more reliable than Type-A because on most motherboards these ports tend to be USB 3.1 Gen 2 and/or connected to a better USB controller. But it's still not easy to find a stable and active oculus quest extension cable, you should try one that other people had tested that works for oculus quest. This is the easier way to avoid to buy a bad one.

Some of Type A extension cable also work, after testing by many customers, WEme Type A extension cable is active for oculus quest, but you need an extra usb c converter. Apart from use WEme active extension cable for oculus quest, you could also use this usb3.0 extension cable for your keyboard, mouse, speaker, scanner, camera, webcam...It's a multifunctional extension cable for expand your signal to other devices. By the way, our extension cable is also good for oculus rift (A port), which is a good & active VR cable. Just test and learn.

Not only for the distance and cost, WEme active extension cable works well for oculus quest 1, tested by Group Host of Tyco Tech and introduced to many members, the signal is good and fast speed, you could get one for your oculus quest 2. 


Now we have 10M & 5M for USB A to A and USB C to A cable:
Alxum New 10M USB A to A extension cable:
WEme 10M USB A to A extension cable:
WEme 5M USB A to A extension cable:
WEme 10M USB C to A extension cable:
WEme 5M USB C to A extension cable:

Recommend the 10M extension cable for oculus quest 2, most people choosed and recommended. You could choose USB A or C according to your laptop. Kindly remind that you need an extra usb c converter for connection. Wish you happy to waiting for the Oculus Quest 2.

Attension please: These kinds of cables is not only for oculus, but also for other USB devices like printers, scanners, camera,  Xbox 360 Kinect, PlayStation, Wifi antenna, etc, active signal transmission for your computer and devices over long distances, give a chance to try the best extension cable here! 

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