Where to buy a Best USB to SATA Adapter?

If you need computer repair accessory, a USB to SATA adapter should be your first choice. This converter allows communication between the two most common interfaces. SATA is used on virtually every internal drive – both desktop and laptop. And every computer made in the last 10 years is certain to have a USB port.

What can you use these adapters for? These are your first line of defense in the event of a hard drive failure. If something has gone wrong with your internal drive, there's a pretty good chance that your computer isn't going to boot. You'll still have to replace the drive, but what about all your old data? Just because a hard drive is partially failed doesn't mean that everything is unrecoverable. With a USB to SATA adapter, you'll likely be able to recover most of your files. Even if the drive won't initialize, there is plenty of freeware that will allow you to scan the partition table and identify any recoverable media.

Hardware failure isn't the only use for a USB to SATA adapter. What if you upgrade to a faster or larger SSD? These adapters can copy all your old data back with only a little work, and they'll likely cost you significantly less than paying a computer shop to do it. Plus, hard drives have become incredibly cheap. Anyone who tends to upgrade their computer regularly will have at least one 500GB drive laying around. With this simple adapter, you'll be able to turn it into an external drive or access your old files without having to spend more money on a new external.

But not all adapters are created equal. Some use an old standard that will cripple your throughput, others are incompatible with newer drives. Let's take a look at these best USB to SATA adapters from Alxum.

Incase you have usb A or C laptop, Alxum has USB Type-A & Type- C to SATA Hard Drive Adapter. While the Type C Adapter with power supply, the Type- C hard drive adapter is mainly for 2.5 inch SATA version, the 12V2A power supply is not included, 3.5" hard drive should connect a 12V2A power supply.

USB Type-A to SATA Hard Drive Adapter (With 12V2A Power Adapter)
USB Type-C to SATA Hard Drive Adapter (Without Adapter)

WEme SATA adapter cable gives you fast and easy access to the data on your 2.5 in./3.5 in. solid-state drives and hard drives. WEme Type-A Hard Drive Adapter is always hot in market, let's talk more about the Type C Adapter, easily read and write music/video.large files, great storage and backup performance.
USB Type-C to SATA Hard Drive Adapter
The 2.5 inch Type-C Hard Drive Adapter Cable lets you connect your USB-C enabled laptop or desktop computer directly to a SATA drive and access it through ultra-fast 5Gbps fast speed with UASP. Performs 70% faster at reading and 40% faster at writing than conventional USB 3.0 when connected to a computer that also supports UASP. It's the ideal accessory for your Dell XPS, MacBook, Chromebook or other USB Type-C enabled device.
USB Type-C to SATA Hard Drive Adapter
WEme SATA HDD adapter adopts the ASM1153E chip solution to reduce chip power consumption, and improve transmission performance. Excellent compatibility with SuperSpeed USB3.0 and SATA I/II/III hard drives.

USB Type-C to SATA Hard Drive Adapter

The USB-C to SATA adapter cable lets you quickly swap your drives. You can copy or retrieve data from your 2.5 in. or 3.5 in. SATA drive, with no additional accessories required. The tool-free adapter cable is ideal for IT technicians who need fast access to SATA drives. It's the perfect solution for data migration, data backup or recovery applications, providing the fast performance of 5Gbps. You can also operate multiple adapters at the same time, when you need simultaneous access to many drives. It lets you leverage the high performance of the latest SSDs and hard drives, while alleviating bottlenecks in your data transfers.

Where to buy a Best USB to SATA Adapter? Choose WEme USB to SATA Adapter on Alxum. 

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