Why do you need a charging station for multiple devices?

We can hardly find someone who isn't addicted to mobile phones. As we all know phone is a device which needs to charging frequently. Particularly in lockdown when there are fewer number of charging switchboards and everyone in the house needs to charge their phone, it becomes difficult to manage. It ends up as a deadlock when two or more people need to charge their phones promptly. That's where we need a charging station for multiple devices.

Description of charging station for multiple devices and its functionalities:
The 10-Port usb charging station is designed to provide a one-stop solution of cable tangling and to enable you to charge multiple devices at one time just by engaging one charging switchboard.  The Alxum multiple phone charging station is equally beneficial at home, office, classrooms, and other public places.

How charging station for multiple devices impact our life:
In today's age, we got ourselves whorled by several devices which help us to complete our daily tasks throughout the day. Some familiar examples are fitness trackers, phones, and wireless earbuds. But the hectic aspect of such devices is that they demand recharging frequently. You will surely found yourself entangled in a lot of wires and cords if you put them to recharge one by one in separate plugs. One can avoid such a situation and make things streamlined by using a multiple phone charging station. You can put nearly all your devices to recharge just by engaging one plug and also prevents you from the net of entangled and intertwined network of cables. This device sorted your recharging issue just like one window shopping.
usb charging station for multiple devices - every family need

Points to focus on while buying a charging station for multiple devices:
People which have many rechargeable devices like mobile phones, fitness tracks, tablets and they are just tired of putting them on recharging one by one always look for charging station for multiple devices. But in this rush sometimes they forget to focus on the quality of gadgets which they are going to buy, which ultimately harms their devices. Every product in the market doesn't have premium quality. Here are the key points which any buyer should take care of before buying a multiple devices charging station.

Underwriters laboratory certification (UL certification):
Whenever a new product is launched in the market, it doesn't take much time for the market to get flooded with low quality and copied products. The outlook of such products is so identical to the original one that if you don't have much awareness then you can easily pick the wrong product. Whenever you go to any store no matter offline or online first of all inquire them that is your product is UL certified or not. If you listen no then with simply deny to buy.

usb charging station for multiple devices -safety UL CR ROHS certificate
Form, shape, and number of ports:
Charging station for multiple devices are present in three designs which are:

  • Corded hubs
  • Wall chargers
  • Organizers

Choose the design which suits best to your using place. For example, in the bedroom, we mostly use corded chargers because it can easily be plugged in like a lamp with a lot of free space. It is better to buy one or two extra ports than you the required number.

Amperage of ports:
Modern-day devices such as smart-phones and tablets are equipped with large and power-hungry batteries. At low amperage ports, they take a bit longer to charge which kills the whole idea of designing a charging station for multiple devices. Choose the device which have more number of ports with 2.1-2.4A. It will provide rapid charging.

The Ace of charging station for multiple devices "Alxum Multi-Device Phone charging station". Specifications:

  • Ports: 10
  • Amperage: 2*QC3.0 and 8 ports of 2.4A (Max 96W)
  • Total dividers: 11 dividers (5 Tall and 6 Short)
  • Built in QC3.0 which provides 4X faster charging

usb charging station for multiple devices 4times faster charging

Supported devices: Smart-phones both android and IOS, headset, Bluetooth speakers, Music players, Power bank, Wireless earphones, camera, GPS, PSP, etc.

Redeeming features:

  • 2 Qualcomm Quick charging ports which can charge your device to 80% in just 35 minutes
  • UL-certified Power Adapter with 12V/8A charging power
  • Each port with a 5V 2.4A power supply gives you the luxury to charge 10 phones or 8 IPADs simultaneously
  • 11 detachable and rotatable dividers which can tilt at 45°. Makes things more organized for you.
  • Indicator LED light which displays charging percentage which saves your precious devices from the consequences of overcharging.
  • Padded non-slip space to create room for other products
  • Smart high-class IC which delivers optimum charging efficiency to every device

10 Ports USB Charging Station 96W with 2 QC 3.0(1) -charging station for multiple devices

Protective shields in Alxum Multi-Device Phone charging station to protect your devices:
While designing the Alxum Multi-Device charging station protection of your devices and ease of use has been and will be the priority. To achieve this lot of shields and attributes were being installed like:

  • Overheating protection
  • Overcharging protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Dividers made up of durable and fireproof ABS+PC material
  • Smooth texture
  • Easy to carry, travel-friendly, and ample space for devices to fit in while charging.

Complete package details:
When you order one Alxum Multi-Device Phone Charging Station you will get:

  • One 96W 10 Ports USB charging station with 2*QC 3.0 for 4x fast charging
  • One 12V/8A DC power Adapter
  • 11 Separator (5 tall and 6 short)
  • Operating manual

Why you should choose Alxum products:
Alxum products are designed under the strict supervision of certified experts. All the parts and pieces of every single product are made up of premium quality state of the art material. Every product has been tested for both quality and control parameters under every possible situation before it reaches the market for sale. Alxum charging stations for multiple devices are value-added with the installation of special sensors that stops charging when your device becomes fully charged. We believe that the devices and gadgets of our customers which are using the Alxum charging station for multiple devices should be saved as much as possible.

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