Why do you need a WEme Ethernet Converter to USB 3.0 Hub?

Many advanced computer is getting thinner that it has to give up Ethernet port, thankfully this problem could be solved easily if you have a WEme Ethernet Converter to USB 3.0 Hub.

Moreover, modern laptops have more or less limited ports and most times that become a bit of problem that ports are packed close to each other at work, it might block others when you was using one connector. Another missing feature is the RJ45 Ethernet port. Almost every PC hardware manufacturers are constantly trying to make their laptops and ultrabooks thinner and even more thinner. And that comes at a cost, cutting down all the legacy I/O ports. Leaving users to deal with many adapters, docs and dongles. But sometimes Ethernet is desirable and sometimes more ports. You could also have use this ethernet adapter to extend the ports so that the don't block each other. It's convenient if a usb hub comes with a RJ45 Port. So, here's a list of WEme USB Ethernet adapter to give you an overview and insight.

USB Ethernet Adapter: 3USB A+1RJ45+Type A&C plug.
USB 3.0 Type C to Ethernet RJ45 with 3 Port Hub: WM-3083B, no matter how you call it, usb 3.0 hub, ethernet hub, rj45 hub, ethernet converter or adapter, it's a multi-functional hub with a small body. WEme Ethernet Converter is a small device, with three USB3.0 SuperSpeed ports at one and end one with an RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet port, provides high data transfer speed up to 5Gbp/s. You will get the best performance connecting to USB 3.0, the adapter is backwards-compatible with USB 2.0 and even 1.0. That backwards-compatibility extends to the network connection; the adapter can connect to a 10/100 network, really a best usb c to ethernet adapter.
Why do you need a WEme Ethernet Converter to USB 3.0 Hub?
First Advantage: with Type-C adapter.
USB type C is almost the mainstream now, present in almost every thin and light laptops, ultrabooks and high end smartphones. WEme Ethernet Converter to USB 3.0 Hub comes with USB3.0 Male + USB 3.1 Type C Male Plug, it can be connected to USB3.0 (USB2.0) devices & also USB 3.1 (USB-C) Type C ready devices. It's quite future proof, compatibility with Thunderbolt 3 and ability to connect the same adapter on a wide range of hardware. The type C devices are reversible, hence easier to attach and detach. Works with the latest computers and smart devices, also compatible Thunderbolt 3 port, you could easily connect your new MacBook 12 inch, Chromebook Pixel, Lenovo Yoga, and more with USB-C port.

Second Advantage: Driver FREE, no need sofeware.
Plug and works. You will find an easy way to install because you only need to attach the adapter to a USB port, supports advanced networking features, and boosts throughput significantly beyond most USB adapters. WEme's USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter takes advantage of USB 3.0 connectivity to deliver network throughput that's almost as good as using an on-board Gigabit Ethernet controller.

Third Advantage: With RJ45 Ethernet Port.
It's with High Performance RTS5411+ RTL8153 LAN Chipset: built-in 1GB Gigabit Ethernet port gives access to super fast 1000Mbps network with no extra driver installation required, Also backwards compatible with 10/100M Ethernet.

Fourth Advantage: 3 USB3.0 Port.
WEme Ethernet Converter to USB expends your more usb devices, allow you to connect your keybord, mouse, flash drive at the same time.
Why do you need a WEme Ethernet Converter to USB 3.0 Hub
1. I can't access the internet connection although I have successfully finished the installation.
What's the problem?
Please make sure if your router has open the IP DHCP function. If not, you need to set the IP address manually. If it is a community or school network, you need to get the authority from your administrator.
2. Can it support Mac OS system?
Yes, you can use it without install driver under Mac OS.

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