Why You Should Have Charging Station in Restaurant?

It's the time of Network Information, nobody can live without a phone, we're not hungry, but our phone does. Today we talk about Why You Should Have Charging Station in Restaurant? 

I definitely need a free phone charging service in Restaurant, so do other people. Not only resturant, but also office, school, café, bar, hospital, we're all nervous if our phone ran out of power, especifically when we are staying outside. (Below we just talk about "Restaurant" that include not only those public places above.) It's the best time to make this 10-port usb charging station popular in Restaurant because of the easier hungry of 5G mobile phone.

3 Reasons that You Should Have Charging Station in Restaurant:
1. Necessity of Smartphones
That's no doubt that smartphones haven seduced more and mor people not only twenties but also sixty seventy are now following along. Smartphones are also becoming the medium of choice for video watching and news & hotspot following, and also, follow their idol and music.
2. Low battery life
No matter what kind of smartphones you have, the problem of low battery life is the fact, brook no delay. You can not bring a extra battery if you use iphone or Mate 30 pro, you should have a usb charger or power bank to help you up.
3. More Customer Care
You can see Restaurant who provides power outlets that must be more popular than those didn't. But most of Restaurant offer chargeable power bank, you need to pay if your phone power off when you enjoy food with friends or family. I'm not happy if I just want to have a breakfast or my coffee is almost finished but I still need 2 mins of phone power. Many restaurants now offer a free Wifi connexion, why not offer a free power charging service too? That your restaurant will become friendly and will undoubtedly bring you more customers as well.

Enjoy Video for Alxum 10 Ports USB Charging Station 96W:

Not only for delicious cooking and excellent service, but also stay connected with customers that make your restaurant more professional. Have you ever imagined how you get if offering the chance to charge their phones pad tablets? Guess if the corner of table in your Restaurant look like this:
Why You Should Have Charging Station in Restaurant

Why You Should Have Charging Station in Restaurant? Countless Advantages If You Have Alxum 10-Port USB Charging Station in Restaurants!

  • Becomes famous on IG/FB/TW (Because you maybe the early bird);
  • Attract people who are hungry and phone is also hungry;
  • Attract guests who are outside all day and their phones can't get charged;
  • Attract more people that perfer to work outside by phones pad and tablet;
  • Attract more younger, more connected client base;
  • Offer added value to your customers and be able to communicate on that service;
  • Increase customer loyalty for your existing clients, who will know they won't have to look somewhere else to find charging service;
  • Of course, you could add a little service fee if you like, which incease the restaurant revenue.

Is 10-Port need?
As a restaurant runner, you may consider the 4-Port charging station. As for me, I have 2 phones, and I would like to get my iPad and earphone charged, what if I have dinner with my 3 extra friends? 10-Port just meet my need. Satisfying the needs of most people is always the first consideration for restaurant operation. You could also choose 2 table guests share a charging station, it depends on your restaurant decoration. No matter in Restaurant, Café, Kitchen, Living room, Bedroom, Hospital, School, Alxum 10-Port charging Station will bring you new home style and charging versatility. You won't regret just take $55 to try Alxum 10-port phone charging station hence will get all above advantages! No matter what kind of your restaurant decoration look like, Alxum white charging station is a perfect match. 

Restaurant Phone Charging Station Also for School Office Hospital

How do you like this Alxum 10-Port Charging Station for your Restaurant? Charges up to 10 devices at the same time, orgenizes and charges well make your restaurant look clean and modern! It will probably enthuse a lot of people. You have no idea how many people need to hunt a phone charger when they're on the way to home and office. From fast-food restaurants to even a higher-end service, this phone charging station will help you enhance the customer experience and get more.
Alxum 10-Port Charging Station for your Restaurant

Moreover, most people are worry about that are public charging station safe? You should observe the watts and the function of pubilc charging station, not all of them have the chip of stealing information. If you're not sure just charge your phone by the charger you take. We hope that Alxum 10-Port charging station become universal that help more hungry phones pads and tablets get charged, and you don't need to worry about the safety, because it can not steal information. It's 100% safe way to charge in public charging station if you choose Alxum 10-Port charging station. Buy now!

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