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      Q: Hard drive cannot be recognized by my computer/ When inserting the hard drive, it keeps mention need to format the hard drive.
      A: Please check from your side with the following steps:
      - Unplug & replug the USB connector for more times, also you can try to test with another USB port.
      - Restart the computer.
      - Update your computer's USB host driver.
      - Test with another hard drive to confirm if it can be detected.
      - Test it with another computer

      If it still cannot work, please feel free to contact us.

      Q: The transfer speed is so low.
      A: The transfer speed is influenced by the USB port, the USB cable, the hard drive and the type of data. To get a higher transfer speed, please try to test it with another hard drive, computer or USB port to see if it will be better.

      Q: Hard drive can be recognized, but it cannot show in my computer.
      A: If you can see the hard drive in DISK MANAGEMENT in good condition, please try to change/assign a drive letter.

      (For AX-SC011 & WEMEMST-003 only)
      Q: How to download the AI-OTB software? 
      A: Please click this link and download it in your computer.

      Q: How to do backup?
      A: Please kindly follow up on the following steps to use backup function.
      - Install the OTB software on your computer.
      - Connect the adapter and your hard drive.
      - Select the data you need to backup and the destination folder in the ONE-TOUCH BACKUP software.
      - Press on the backup button and then backup start.