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      Q: The hard drive cannot be recognized by my computer.
      A: Please first try the below steps:
      - Plug & replug the USB connector for more times, or try to test with another USB port or computer.
      - Restart the computer after connected.
      - Update or re-install your computer's USB driver.
      - Test it with another hard drive
      - Try to change the position of the docking station

      Q: I don't know how to do offline clone.
      A: Please find the below steps:
      - Disconnect the docking station from the computer. Plug the included power supply into an outlet.
      - Insert target drive to B slot and source drive to A slot. B drive should not be smaller than A drive. Both drives should be good and unencrypted.
      - Power on the dock, then press and hold the Clone button for around 3 seconds till the 100% light comes on, and then quickly press the Clone button again. The cloning process will start from 25% light.
      - When the offline clone is 100% completed, 4 LED lights will stay on until the device is turned off.

      Q: Why the LED light in 25% keep blink?
      A: If the clone keeps flashing only at 25%, it may because there are bad data/sectors in the hard drive.
      - Please check if you can read the data of the target drive.
      - Please format the target drive(B drive) and try again.
      - Please try to use some hard disk bad sector detection software to test if there are bad data/sectors in your source drive.
      - Test it with another hard drive.