Q: My ethernet cannot work. (For WM-3083B & WM-3083BBK only)
A: Please first check if the LED light in the hub is on, if yes, please follow the below steps.
- Try to unplug & re-plug the USB connector more times, also try to test with another USB ports & computer.
- Try to restart the computer to check if it can work.
- Update or reinstall your computer's USB driver.
- Try the Windows hardware troubleshooter.
- Try to test it with another device like a mouse or keyboard to see whether it can work.
- Test it with another ethernet cable.
- Check with your Network administrator if your IP address is static IP or dynamic IP. If it is static IP address, please get in touch with your Network administrator to set the IP address manually. If it is dynamic IP address, please set it as automatically.

Q: My HDMI & VGA port cannot work. (For AX-D019A & AX-D037B only)
A: Please find the below steps to check if it can work.
- Unplug&re-plug the USB and VGA/HDMI connectors for several more times, test with another USB port or restart the laptop.
- Adjust the resolution of your laptop and monitor.
- Adjust the screen settings.
- Install a driver manually, you could download it from the DisplayLink website.
- Test with another laptop.