20 Fun Things to Treat Your Mom This Mother's Day

Summer is coming, so as the Mother's day! How do you treat your mom this mother's day? Because of the encouragement of social distancing, Alxum shares 20 fun things you could stay home with mom and family.

MOM is a WOW!
I've never thought about how busy a mommy's schedule would be until I'm spending entire days with her. Take my family as an instance, my wife's schedule astonished me: she gets up much earlier than me, prepares meals, wakes us up, chores & laundries, school with our 3-year-old naughty boy, then meals again, cleaning-up, the kid again, meals, dishes…There're 24 hours a day, how many hours would a mommy spent for herself? It's exhausting always putting someone else's needs above mon own, but mom just like a superwoman who never tired for taking care of family day after day. MOM, is just the refection of WOW, a truely amazing wow! Alway shows thankful to your super Mom is the base of love.
MOM is a WOW!
Just stay at home and accompany mom to do what she likes, give her special experience and grow your family relationship. here we go, start the interesting Mother's day!

1. Serve Breakfast in Bed, play Mom favour music
Who wouldn't love waking up to the smell of a delicious brunch made just for you?! Recruit the rest of the family to help make a fabulous brunch spread that will be sure to impress your mom. You could also order a tray full of her favorite breakfast goodies and having them delivered right to her bed. Get the music your mom liked on, make her enjoy the interesting day from breakfast.

2. Home Decorate & Gift
Buy some flowers in advance, carnation,red rose,lily, any small thing you mom liked, you could also get some balloons to make the day a bit more festive. The warm day could be felt from everything you can see. You may also want to gift her some household tools like vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, and even a new mop. Prepared in advance to surprised her, make her feel sweet all day. As a special decoration, Alxum 120W Phone Charging Station could be your Mother's Day gift to charge all family phone and pad, just let it stay on your living room table, charges and orgnized all power off deviced for you and your guests.

3. Write and Say Something Special
Maybe you say "I love you" everyday to your mom, but everything is special in this Mother's day. How long did you not write? Prepare cards to write down something you moved by mom and love, this small moves will make her feel warm too.

4. Prepared Mon Dress
How amazing if you prepare a pair of skirt for your mom? Not must her clothes, a shawl or hat, even earring, this must a special day if she dressed something you choosed for her.

5. Conduct a Mom Interview
Now's a great time to have your son or daughter interview the woman of the hour, either in-person or on the phone. No doubt they (and, maybe, you!) will learn all sorts of new things about the woman they love, whether it's stories about her childhood, first job, wedding day, or hidden talents. Know more about Mom, love her more.

6. Treat Her to a Meal Out
Everyone should get a break from cooking on Mom's special day. Whether it be breakfast or brunch, lunch or dinner, "take Mom out" for a meal at her favorite local restaurant that's offering local pickup or delivery.

7. Do small things for Mom
There is no small thing in life, because your mom take care of all thing for you, now is your turn! Do small things for Mom, comb for her, cut nails for her, clean ear for her, this is a day to please mom.

8. Do a massage
Everybody is tired they fight with life and trouble, but mom always hide her weariness and hard. Do a massage for your mom and make her feel relax. In the mean time, you could let her see the album to discuss your childhood which will cause a resonance because of your common memories.

9. Spend Time in Garden
This is the day you take care of your flowers or glasses in person, you could buy some new and plant, then pitch in with weeding or watering, she'll appreciate what you did.

10. Take photos
This is special and memorable day, just take photos for her and remember her beautiful smile in home with the flower you prepared or the garden you clean, don't forget your lovely dog and cat, family photos are always important, which means a lot. Do you need a card reader for transfer the photos and videos you took? Alxum usb 3.0 card reader with OTG supports data transfer for SD, micro SD and CF card for your digital camera to phone to phone.

11. Contract a day's housework
You will understand how tired if you do housework a day, and you will get how great your mom is.

12. Cook Something "Together"
Considering Mom probably taught you everything you know in the culinary department, prepare a favorite family recipe at home on a video call as she does the same in her kitchen. Even better: Enlist the kids to help, too, so they can see, live in action, how grandma crimps the dough or ices the cake. (Don't forget a cute apron!)
20 Fun Things to Treat Your Mom This Mother's Day-Cook
13. Bake Something Together
If your love of baking comes from your mom, enjoy one of your favorite activities together by baking a gorgeous cake for the whole family to enjoy. We love this strawberry limeade cake with cream cheese frosting—and if you go berry picking too, you can even use those strawberries you collected.

14. Plan a Picnic on Home Garden
Recommend not to go out in this special period, you could plan a picnic on your home garden. Send mom a sweet tin filled with picnic fixins that she can enjoy on a blanket in the backyard. Set up a blanket at your own home, too, and dial her up so you can have dueling picnic experiences.

15. Sweat It Out in a Virtual Class
Kick off Mother's Day on a healthy note by trying a new workout class together. Not only is this an incredible bonding activity, but you'll both feel energized and ready to tackle more activities. Alxum have a 10M extension cable to help you improve your Oculus Quest experience, get more fun in big room.

16. Host a Backyard BBQ
If your mom is less "tea and crumpets" and more "beer and barbecue," fire up the grill and celebrate the leading lady in your life with a laid-back lawn party featuring our best grilling recipes. If you can't be together, coordinate with dad on dueling menus that you can enjoy "together." You can even go in on a group sibling gift with a backyard cornhole set.

17. Open wine and enjoy
Enjoy wine with family is a great experience, talk with each other in bright night.

18. Watch movie
Prepare family movie or comedy and sit down. If you need some tool to copy your movie, Alxum clone docking station will help you out, fast and easy for offline clone.

19. Yoga.
You could have Yoga with your mom, it's special experince for you, or just help her open the Audio teaching class. This things help her relax and sleep easily.

20. Hug your mom
Last but not least, hug your mom and say you love her, she is the most beautiful and important woman in your life.

Maybe you find the unique mother's day gift ideas for 2020, Mom will always appreciate a thoughtful present, but it's much better if you do something for her or do something with her. No matter what you decide, just stay with her, and Happy Mother's day!

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20 Fun Things to Treat Your Mom This Mother's Day-Alxum
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