Guide to the Best Hard Drive Docking Station

Tons of data need to be accumulated every day, we need more storage space, then a best way to easily access the data is always needed. We here share the Guide to the Best Hard Drive Docking Station.

What is the Best Hard Drive Docking Station?
Daily work and life are exhausted, you don't want to spend more time with data. You need to connect both drives to the same PC, and use dedicated software to copy the drives. This time consuming make you pissed-off. But, hard drive docking station works like a memory device, which is an essential tool in your kit. It makes copying dozens or hundreds of drives a breeze. There are a few features you should always keep in mind if you want a best hard drive docking station.

Best Hard Drive Docking Station- WEme Clone Hard Drive Docking Station USB 3.0 to SATA
1. Support Big Capacity
18TB has come out, which means your hard drive docking station should expand data capacity. Moreover, it offers universal compatibility. You can pair it with any popular operating system, be it Windows (32bit, 64bit), Mac, or Linux.

2. High Transfer Speed
An impressive transfer speed of 5Gbps because of USB 3.0 port is more common. It's better if it supports the UASP protocol, which provides up to 70% faster read and 40% faster write speeds when compared to USB 3.0.

3. Easy Installation
Unlike external drive enclosure, internal HDDs can be hard to access. You must remove the cover and insert it directly into the motherboard. A docking station removes that need altogether, you just need to plug the drives.
And it's also a plug and play device so you don't need to be very tech-savvy to utilize this device.

4. Simple Light Dock
The hard drive dock has a compact and durable design. The hinged cover is permanently attached to the cradle. It has multiple LED lights to inform you about the state of the drive.

5. Friendly Price
Generally, people buy dual bay docking station for daily job and life, cost about $30-55. (Alxum dock under $30 with discount in limited time now)

6. Support Two Drives Simultaneously
The duplicator with dual docking bays support multiple HDDs simultaneously. So that you can write data on one while reading from another, you can also clone your HDD directly from another hard drive. It makes for flexibility of owning, managing and use hard drives more user friendly.

Alxum Best Hard Drive Docking Station
Why don't you choose a best hard drive docking station from WEme of Alxum? This WEme duplicator is a dual bay docking station which have all the advantages above, easily handles up to 2*18TB & UASP, supports both 2.5 & 3.5 SATA HDDs SSDs. And we're sure strive to follow the most advanced market, no matter 18TB or 20TB drives, for now our all HDD adapter and docking can cover the largest hard disk capacity. The price is the most economical one you can get, discont now! $27.59 instead of competitor $34.99. Come and buy the Best Hard Drive Docking Station 2021 right now!

Test Result:
The docking station has an aesthetically compact design that maximizes heat dissipation. It has a solid build and sits steadily on the desk. No software is needed, I can clone my drive easily without spending too much on the expensive docking station. And I didn't notice any excessive temperature rise. The most distinguishing feature of this dual bay docking station is the ability to clone drives offline. I can clone a drive in a very short time with just one click of "CLONE" button and without connecting to a PC. (Attached picture for the Docking Station from Alxum VS Others, Alxum dock's read and write faster than others)

Best Hard Drive Docking Station-Clone Speed by WEme Clone Hard Drive Docking Station USB 3.0 to SATA
How to Clone a HDD or SSD?
1. Remove the dust cover
2. Plug two drives (target disk>source disk)
3. Press "CLONE" button for 3 seconds.

Overall, WEme best hard drive docking station is perfect for backup and storage of data like school office family pictures and videos. It's simple to use and carry around, a best tech tool.

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