How to Clone a Hard Drive or SSD?

It's always troublesome when things comes to data, data is often more important than the same computer that we use. especially if these data are very important for our work activities. That's no doubt that you need a convenient tool to copy or clone data. So How to Clone a Hard Drive or SSD?

You must find a product which could fully transfer your Windows operating system and Data to Another storage drive without losing your Windows license and without losing any files or applications. The new storage drive in this case could be an SSD or HDD. This can be used when upgrading from HDD to SSD, replace a failing disk, mirror your PC to another PC, or upgrade to a larger storage disk without losing anything. Safe and easy stuffs are welcomed to offer a solution for trasfering date.

Look at this awesome Alxum USB 3.0 Hard Drive Docking Station, there are 2 drive bays with spring doors that allow you to connect either a 2.5-inch or a 3.5-inch drive in each bay! Support up to 2*18TB & UASP. With offline function, Plug and Play, Driver Free, it doesn't need a computer at all, it's a standalone cloner with a computer interface like an external enclosure. Interesting?  
How to Clone a Hard Drive or SSD Alxum Docking Station Covers Your Need!
Alxum AX-U3DS013GY is a clone docking station which you could connect 2.5 and 3.5 hard drives that allows you to read these hard drives to your PC with a 5 Gbps speed and a USB 3.0 transfer very quickly. Not only can the hard disk be cloned using the button called CLONE BUTTON, but also the fast speed you will be surprised.
How to Clone a Hard Drive or SSD Alxum Docking Station Covers Your Need 5
For backup or upgrade data, cloning your drive can be easy and painless. Especially useful for IT technicians or for simple IT operators who need to replace old hard drives (SATA only) with modern SSD hard drives.

How to Clone a Hard Drive or SSD? Alxum USB 3.0 Dual Bay Hard Drive Docking Station help you out!
1. Press and hold the offline-clone button for 3 seconds, the LED indicator that marks 100% clone progress will light up.
2. Quickly press the button again, and offline clone starts.
3. One by one 4 LED indicators will flash and be on 25%-50%-75%-100%.
4. When the offline clone is 100% completed, 4 LED lights will stay on until the device is turned off.

And if you're still confused on how to clone ssd, Tech Steve will show you Alxum Docking Station how to clone a hard drive to ssd, you may want to see the clearly video: 

If you need to copy your hard drive to update it or move your files to to another drive as a backup, this Alxum hard drive cloner has you covered. With your computer you use it as a hard drive read and write device like an enclosure but it don't come with cloning software for that. On this video i show you how to clone a windows computer harddrive and it booted up on the new disk with no problems. 

It supports Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32 / 64 bit), Mac OS 10.10 or higher, Linux, saves hours to swap hard drives or duplicate a hard drive, takes advantage of UASP (USB Attached SCSI Protocol) for SuperSpeed transfer files up to 6Gbps.

If you want to see more recommendation on this product:
This review-artical is fully test and research Alxum Aluminum Docking Station, you could clearly see how to clone. With so much data to access and store, connectivity options and the option to access additional drives add good functionality to your workflow. This Alxum USB 3.0 Hard Drive Docking Station with Offline Clone will be of great use when you need to replace your hard drives with larger ones. 

If you're also interested the Testing Experience in Italy:

The test result right now indicate that Alxum Aluminum Clone Hard Drive Dock Station will be very fast compared to existing clone software on the market, if you want to get one: Alxum USB 3.0 Hard Drive Docking Station Offline Clone 

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