Most Popular in Alxum: Hard Drive Duplicator Cloner Docking Station

Today, we share something about the most popular in Alxum, it's a WEme Hard Drive Duplicator/Cloner Docking Station. We offer a nice hard drive docking station with duplication functions that are very appreciated by many computer technicians, copy important files from one disk to another without a computer or software.

No matter you work at home or office, no matter you are photographer, film editor, or computer technicians, WEme Hard Drive Duplicator is one of the top choices for an external hard drive docking station as it offers reliable speeds and quality features all around. This item can dock the drives over speedy USB 3.0 and provide convenient access to all your data, this unit accepts two drives simultaneously. You could also call it hard drive toaster dock as it looks like a toaster.
Most Popular in Alxum-Hard Drive Duplicator Cloner Docking Station
WEme best hard drive duplicator allows the insertion of most 2.5" or 3.5" SATA hard drives and comes with a special offline cloning function, which could duplicate any two hard drives without requiring a computer host. Just simply need to connect both drives together and identify the Original Disk and the Target Disk. Please make sure that the machine is connected to a power supply before switching on power. How to clone? Just press the "Clone" button! All you have to do is plug the hard drives together and keep the "Copy" button pressed for 3 seconds until you see the LED flashing, which means that the cloning process has started and to track the progress you can check the LED which has four stages from 25% to 50%, 75%, and finally to 100%.

As clone precess maybe stop you to do other important job, no need to worry about at all, it's quite a smart guy to stay alone when you can't be there. It'll enter sleep mode to save some energy and maintain best performance if doesn't operate for 30 minutes. It supports for all Windows versions after XP including 10 32/64-bit and for Mac OS 10.10 or higher. Linux users aren't left out as they can also take advantage of the powerful features of this drive device. Just a Alxum Hard Drive Cloner that meed your needs to tranfer, copy, backup, upgrade data less than $50! You even won't need any tools to insert your drives, the device is plug-and-play enabled and hot swapping is available.

The best hdd duplicator supports for two 18 TB hard drives, it's also enhanced with UASP transfer protocol to enable you to take advantage of the fastest technologies available like SATA III. When paired with a compatible host controller for UASP, performance can go up considerably. Up to 70% faster than conventional USB 3.0 transmissions in fact. This 2-bays clone hard drive docking station is fully recommended if you have some backup or cloning things and need this kind of duplicator. Some people may see Alxum Duplicator is listing in some artical for best hard drive duplicator 2021, yes, we get more and more good feedback and gratitude on it, you could buy one.

Recently, our customer Alex Nunes tried and wrote his best hard drive duplicator reviews for our cloner Docking Station that how to use:
[So far, I have only used this product once and that was to perform an offline clone with no connection to the PC. Everything went perfectly.
Below I will provide a step by step guide of what I did if anyone is looking for a comprehensive resource. I am not responsible for anything you might do with this knowledge. Be aware I am only talking about using machines with like machines (Mac and Mac or windows and windows) and drives that are already in the same format. You can look elsewhere for a guide on that by googling"How to format hard drive Mac/Windows"and these articles will often include information about what the different formats mean for your practical use and in what situations you should choose which.
1) Gathered my hard drives. For this I was cloning my 256 GB SSD that hosts my important programs and Operating System onto a brand new 1 TB SSD.
2) Put both drives into the dock. Power should be turned "OFF" when inserting and removing drives or you run the risk of corrupting and losing your data.
Remember when cloning that the original has to go into slot A and the new target drive needs to go in slot B. The arrows will help indicate the flow of the transfer of data. The new drive must be bigger. You might be able to get away with the same size but you can be risking it as not all drives, even in the same class, are created equal.
3) Turn Power "ON". Power button should be pushed in. The power indicator LED will glow a solid green and the LEDs next to each drive should glow yellow.
4) Hold the"clone"button for approximately 3 seconds. The blue led indicator by"100%"should begin to glow. Press the clone button again. If you waited too long and the blue light disappeared, nothing will happen, everything will look the same as it did before pressing the clone button. In this case, again hold the clone button briefly, and when you see the blue LED light up, press the button immediately.
At this point the blue LED indicator next to"25%"will flash rapidly to indicate progress. It will glow solid when it has completed each of the milestones"25%”"50%”"75%"and begin rapidly flashing the following milestone’s LED. Cloning is complete when all lights have been solid for two minutes or turned themselves off.
5) Turn the dock's power off. The new drive is ready to be installed wherever you meant for it to go.
6) If like me, you copied an internal drive (though this should work for external drives as well) that was smaller to a bigger one you will still need to complete some steps on the software side of things.
7A) On Windows, right click on the windows icon in the bottom left and click on disk management. Here, you will see whatever drives you have connected to your computer. Be careful to select the right one if you have multiples as you risk of deleting, formatting, damaging, corrupting, etc any other drive if trying to work with them, though windows often will have pop ups to warn you away from doing anything too stupid.
The cloned drive will have an amount of unallocated space equal to difference between the original and target drive (in my case about 750 GBs between a 250 GB and 1TB drive). Right click on the space that is currently available for use and select expand. Windows will pop up explaining about what’s happening, and that it can only use simple volumes or unallocated space for the expansion. If you accept and everything went correctly, you should find the drive back at its original size and all your cloned files in the same space and place. This meant my operating system was just fine, all my setting were exactly as they were before the clone, my programs were still present and useable, and I have way more space available on the drive.
7B) On MAC use the pre-installed application"disk utility"to examine your drive. Similarly to windows, select the correct drive and expand it.]

It's really easy if you use WEme USB 3.0 Best Hard Drive Duplicator, welcome to share your using experience and idea on Alxum Store or any blog or social media.

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