What do people say about WEme USB 2.0 Ethernet Extender?

If you search "USB 2.0 Ethernet Extender" on google, you could find WEme USB 2.0 Ethernet Extender on the first result, it's not exaggerating to say it's the most popular Ethernet Extender in the world.

What it's?
To help you easier to understand what the WEme USB 2.0 Ethernet Extender is, in simple word: this is a gadget you need to extend your home or office Internet/Ethernet network connection beyond the reach of network cable or WIFI to a remote location. This USB 2.0 to RJ45 Lan Extension Hub extends your USB devices up to 60M (196ft) from a computer by industry-standard Cat5/Cat5e/Cat6 patch cable (cable is not included), supports USB audio and video output.
What do people say about WEme USB 2.0 Ethernet Extender?
What can it do?
Extending your Internet connection from your home to your remote office is just one of the thousands of applications for the WEme USB 2.0 Ethernet Extender Hub. This 4-Port Hub Ethernet Extender for connecting more external device, compatible with most of USB external device, support KVM switches, webcam, keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner, USB microphone, telescope and so on.
What do people say about WEme USB 2.0 Ethernet Extender?
What's more?
Even we'd started to migrate from USB 2.0 to USB 3.0 devices, but no all of them are seccessful. While USB 2.0 Ethernet Extender is much more stable and widely used, our experience with USB 2.0 extensions has actually been quite excellent. USB 2.0 hub can be extended over Cat5/Cat5e/Cat6, works very well.

Let's see what do people say about WEme USB 2.0 Ethernet Extender

"If you understand what this product does and can do, you'll like it. It was plug and play for me, running Windows 10 on the computer and a ~50ft CAT5e cable run from 15 years ago when we built the house."

"I bought this USB over Ethernet hub to operate a telescope (via USB to serial RS232 adapter) and Sony a6500 camera over a single cable. So far, with 100' of CAT5 between the PC and the telescope, everything works the same as it did locally. Speed seems to be the same as well.... live view from my Sony a6500 is not totally smooth, but it wasn't locally either. I'd say it was quite comparable. And since this is a powered hub (with AC adapter at the far end), it powers devices like my camera and the serial adapter that require power. I'd buy again in a heartbeat."
"I'm impressed. We're using it to transmit real-time data from an Engine Control Unit (the motor's "brain") through 30 feet of Cat5/Cat6 cable to a laptop computer, running a program that displays all the data in real-time. TunerProRT, if you're curious. It's a pretty heavy data flow, and we're doing fine with it. The head end needs power, but we just cut the AC transformer off the power cable and wired it to a 5 volt regulated power tap on the dashboard of the car. And we're driving the car while we collect the data, so it's dealing with vibration."

"So far, these have worked for everything I have tried with them. Including: keyboard, mouse, external HDD, USB Audio Headphones (Astro A40 mixamp, and it does transfer the microphone audio through USB), various other game input devices. It does work with PC, PS4, PS3, and Xbox One. I am using it with a 50ft Cat 6 cable."

"Worked perfectly. Hook up two ends with the powered usb on the receiver end (webcam). Once that's set up, first plugin the transmitter to the laptop end, then plug in webcam to the receiver end. I used a 4k camcorder and it worked perfectly.

"Great solution for USB over long distances! I ended up using a brio 4k webcam but I had issues with the audio sometimes not going through to a desktop. I added a powered usb hub on the computer end and for some reason it fixed it. So it works flawelessly now. great solution for usb over long distance."

"I use it for connecting Xbox One controllers via cable to the computer which sits behind the screen in my media room which is why the long run was needed. Maximum speed is USB2 (not 3, no VR)."

USB is an immensely popular connection format, but it doesn't always work well at long distances. If your home, office, or classroom setup requires remote audio, video, or control signals, it's worth looking into an extender that transmits over an Ethernet cable. WEme USB 2.0 Ethernet Extender Hub is good for you which provide a range of connectivity, often including audio and video passthroughs.

You could choose this 60M/196FT USB 2.0 Ethernet Extender Hub.
Or we also have 100M/328FT USB 2.0 Ethernet Extender

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