What is an Ethernet Extender?

Even though wireless technology has gone above and beyond offering blazing fast speed in the past years, the Ethernet cables still provide the most stable and highest speed connectivity possible. However, sometime you may have to rely on wireless technology because the Ethernet cable won't reach your device. This is where the Ethernet Extender Cable comes in handy. It extends the reach of an existing Ethernet cable that is too short to reach a router or other devices at your home or office.

WEme's Ethernet Cable Extension extends one USB device up to 382 feet using CAT5/5e/6 cable. Each extender consists of a local unit that connects to a computer, and a remote unit that connects to a USB device. The local and remote units are interconnected via CAT5/5e/6 cable, high compatibility for extending your usb devices. 

WEme USB 2.0 Ethernet Extender to RJ45 Over Cat5/5E/6 (100M/328FT)
What is an Ethernet Extender

What do you consider when you need to buy a cat5e extender?

  • 1. Funtion: Cat5/5E/6;

For traditional business telephones CAT5e is all that is needed. And we know some devices with CAT6 can transfer data at higher speeds about 1000mbps. WEme 100M ethernet extender supprts Cat5/5E/6 to reach

  • 2. Distance: 328feet;

Distance CAT5e and CAT6 both have a maximum length of 328 feet. The recommended of Ethernet Extension Cable length is 60M-100M to enjoy the best performance.

  • 3. Speed: 480-Mbps (60MBs);

WEme high speed USB 2.0 Ethernet Extender lets you extend over an outstanding 328ft between a USB device and a host computer. It supports the full 480-Mbps (60MBs) transmission speed of the USB 2.0 standard, so you can take advantage of the full performance of your peripherals and devices. You can easily install desktop or tablet on USB Male transmitter and install your devices on USB Female receiver. For the best performance, it is recommended to use Industry-Standard Cat5/Cat5e/Cat6 cable.

  • 4. Cost: Less than $60;

It's lower than market price because of it's usb2.0 tranfering, but it's enough and convenient to help you connect the devices, saving time is always a good thing.

We have customer bought this product for hooking up his personal cloud device to his PC. In the past it has been very slow transferring files in and out of his cloud device but this speed booster and extender did the job on speeding up the transfer device, especially now that he have a digital video converter for his old DVDs to become digital this boosted the transfer time and instead of about 5 minutes for a 1GB of file, now it takes less than 2 minutes to transfer that large of a file size. It is also easy to use and the length it allows has been great considering his cloud device is located in a different part of the house.

How people saying about 100M Ethernet Extender over Cat5e?
What surprised me the most about this extension is that it's sooo quiet!! Contrary to other noisy extensions I've used this one makes no sound whatsoever. The extension is also super reliable, I've used it on myriad connections like my Bluetooth keyboard, headphones, mouse, etc. and it works like a charm. The build quality is pretty good and I'm sure it's gonna last me a while. It's well worth the slightly higher price point compared to cheaper alternatives. Recommend!

There is another WEme Ethernet Extender Hub if you don't need 100M, supports extension up to 60 meters with DC 5V/2A power adapter, it's also a 4-Port hub. 

USB 2.0 Ethernet Extender Hub 4-Port Over Cat5/Cat5e/Cat6 (60M/196FT)
WEme's Ethernet Extension Cable

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