Where can i buy a phone charger near me

Are you always feel pain when you need to find usb charger for your multi phone or need a multi device charging station? Where can i buy a phone charger near me? If you have many USB devices need to be charged, Alxum charging station could meet your need. If you still have question for where can i buy a phone charger near me, Alxum Store is good for you, different choice for multi devices charging!

Alxum USB Charging Station is good for office school hospital restaurant charging, nice gift in your daily life. Up to 10devices, just need 1 charging station! No matter what kind of phone charger you need, just choose a best usb c charging station from here.

The following Phone Charging Station for Multiple Devices with details, please choose accordinyour requirement:

10 Ports USB Charging Station 96W with 2 QC 3.0 (2*QC3.0+8*2.4A, 5Tall+6Short)

10 Ports USB Charging Station 96W ( 10*2.4A+11Dividers)

10 Ports USB Charging Station With Type-C Port 120W (1*Type C+2*QC 3.0+7*2.4A, 5Tall+6Short Dividers)

10 Ports USB Charging Station 108W (10*2.4A, 5Tall+6Short Dividers)

10 Ports iPad iPhone Charging Station 60W (10*2.4A,10Tall+5Short Dividers)

10 Ports Multi Device Charging Station 60W (10*2.4A, 5Tall+6Short Dividers)

10 Ports USB C Charging Station with iWatch Charger Stand(1*45W PD+ 1*USB C +1*QC3.0+7*2.4A+iWatch Stand, 6Short+7Tall Dividers)

10 Ports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Charging Station 60W (QC3.0+9*2.4A, 5Pcs Tall+6Pcs Short dividers)

8 Ports Transformable Wall Mount Charging Station 96W (1*USB C+1*QC 3.0+5*2.4A, 5Short+4Tall Dividers)

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