What is a Hard Drive Cloner?

What is a Hard Drive Cloner? A tech tool that allows you back up and clone your drives. Alxum hard drive cloner built for 2.5''/ 3.5'' SATA I/II/III HDD/SSD, Support two 18TB & UASP, you could get one as the best hdd dock.

Alxum hdd cloner, easy installation, no computer and driver needed, offline cloning at high speed, it is mainly used for schools, databases, security data backup, etc. It can backup the same image from the source hard disk through the cloning function. It also has offline cloning function that allow you clone without connecting computer. No need to ask how to use hard drive cloner, I believe that your grandma can do well, just need to press "CLONE" button for 3seconds. Below let's learn How Alxum hdd dock working.

How to Use Hard Drive Cloner?
1. Plug Two SATA Drives into the slot (Target B≥Source A).
2. Press and hold the Clone Button for 3Seconds.
3. LED light indicates the process and done while it all lit up.
4. Connect the USB B to A cable with PC and set Target Drive B to "Online" status in Disk Management.
To press the "Clone" button on the product for about 3 seconds. When you are off the button, it'll show 100% light, and then you could quickly press the "Clone" button to confirm to clone. The indicator lights will flash in sequence of 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% during the cloning process, and hdd dock will be all light on after cloning finishing.
How to Use Hard Drive Cloner?
HDD Dock Offline Clone:
Supports the offline cloning function, which means that you do not need to connect to computer through the USB interface, just need to use this product to complete the cloning of the hard disk content.

Target B Disk≥Source A Disk
Insert the hard disk into the "A" "B" hard disk, A is the cloned hard disk, B is the cloned target hard disk, and the capacity requirement of hard disk is B ≥ A.
What is a Hard Drive Cloner Target B Disk≥Source A Disk
30 Minutes Sleep Mode:
In the mode of offline cloning, when you finish the hard disk cloning, it will automatically enter Sleep Mode to protect your hard drive after 30 minutes no operation. At this time, the hard disk stops rotating, and the power indicator lights for one second, and off for three seconds. Other progress indicators light are always on, which means that cloning is completed, no operation will enter sleep state, and you could repress the clone button to wake up the hard disk and enter the standby state.

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