Why do you need an IDE to SATA Adapter?

If you ask a special gift for computer technician, it must be Alxum IDE to SATA Adapter. There is no doubt that it's the simplest and handiest tool on any computer tech's test bench.

This USB 3.0 IDE to SATA Adapter allow you to connect "internal" HDD and SSD that use either a SATA or IDE interface to your PC by simply plugging them into an open USB port, easy connection between any 2.5" or 3.5" IDE / SATA Hard Drive.

Why I think everyone need to keep one IDE to SATA Adapter on hand as it's used primarily by computer techs, even if you are are not.

1. What if your laptop's hard drive malfunctions and Windows will no longer boot up. There's always solution, you'll just install a new hard drive and restore the files from a backup! But what do you do when your backup set is corrupted and you can't restore from it?

That's, you need a Alxum IDE to SATA Adapter that you could remove the old drive from your laptop, install a new one, install Windows on it and then connect your old, failed drive as a temporary external drive.

Unless the drive is completely dead, there is at least a decent chance that you'll be able to copy your files from it onto the new one.

2. When you decide to swap out the hard drive in your laptop with a solid state drive (a great idea – read this post to find out why).

You can use your super-duper IDE to SATA Adapter to connect the SSD as an external USB drive and clone your hard drive's contents onto it.

Then simply remove the internal hard drive and replace it with the speedy SSD. And if you wish, you can then connect the original hard drive as an external USB drive!

It's simple thing if you have Alxum IDE to SATA Adapter, transfer and backup any 2.5"or 3.5" IDE/SATA hard drives.

If you have further question for Alxum IDE/SATA Hard Drive Adapter, here is an Instruction.

Get one now and keep it for inevitable day. Considering that you have computers with different interfaces, Alxum have two choice for IDE to SATA Adapter:

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